About Us

Its not everyday that people require 400 long stem roses, but in the event that they do, why should they have to pay retail prices? Some flower shops claim to give discounts, but do you realize that flowers can be marked up four, sometimes five times before they get to you? The farmer, exporter, importer, wholesaler, distributor and the florist all get a ‘cut’ before the flowers make it to you.

At Flowers Direct, we get our flowers at the importer level and deal with large farms that do their own exporting. End result... SAVINGS!!!

...Wholesale Prices!

Flowers Direct is owned and operated by its parent company Prama International and has been in business since 2006. Since then, it has established relationships with international flower growers, suppliers and transportation companies to ensure that the final cost of flowers remain as low as possible. Hence, the savings get passed onto our customers!

Why choose Prama International?

Easy, because you are not dealing with an ‘online florist’. Instead, you are dealing with the owner of the company. He deals with the orders, the customer service, the delivery etc. He deals with the whole process from start to finish, to make sure your flowers are prefect.