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Master Class Flower care

Many techniques are used by florists and backyard gardeners to keep floral arrangements looking fresh.  Follow these tips to keep them flourished.

1. Select the appropriate container type. Flowers should always be placed in a clean vase without any residue or lingering detergent. Taller vases are better suited for lighter, more delicate cut flowers. Heavy blooms should be cut short and put in a low vase so they have room to spread out.

2. Before putting the flower stems in water, trim them by two inches. The cleanest cut can be achieved with garden shears, however standard scissors will also work. For more surface area and improved water flow, cut stems at a 45-degree angle. For some flowers, like roses, cutting the stems underwater will help prevent air bubbles from getting lodged in the stems and obstructing the flow of water.

3. Water that is at room temperature is optimal for most flowers. The best way to preserve bulb flowers is in cool or even cold water. Fill your vase to the halfway mark with either cold or lukewarm water, and keep topping it off as the flowers absorb more liquid.

4. Trim away any leaves that are below the waterline. Check your flowers frequently and take out any leaves that are submerged in water since they can rot and encourage bacterial growth.

5. Consistently maintain your flowers. Every day, clean your vase and replace the old water with fresh cool water. Bacterial growth caused by contaminated water can quickly cause wilting. Every two to three days, give your flower stems a fresh trim to aid in water absorption.

6. Keep fresh flowers away from harsh conditions. Keep your fresh flowers away from the sun, hot appliances, and air currents from fans, air conditioners, and open windows. Tulips, for example, are particularly heat-sensitive flowers. Additionally, avoid placing fresh fruit near cut flowers because it releases ethylene gas traces that has been shown to promote the wilting process of flowers.

7. Use flower food packets to care for your flowers.

 The preservatives that make cut flowers survive longer are all sold by florists, grocery stores and even on amazon. These flower food packets have a balanced mixture of sugar to nourish the flowers, acidifiers to regulate the pH of the water, and a biocide to kill dangerous germs.

DIY flower food is available. You can make your own DIY flower food formula rather than purchasing flower food packets. The most common formula calls for three parts water, one part Sprite (for sugar), and a few drops of bleach (to kill bacteria) to fill your vase. Adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of sugar, and half a teaspoon of bleach to a quart of water is another traditional recipe for flower food.