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Flowers Direct 1
Where Flowers are our Inspiration

Why Buy From Us

Because we have…

Fresher Quality Flowers

  • We buy quality
    • We purchase our flowers from reputable farms with a proven track record. All of the farms we deal with (regional growers & international farms) are members of various Floral Trade Associations, ISO9001 certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified and/or have been in business for the international market for numerous years. 
    • We are constantly monitoring the products we receive to ensure consistent and quality flowers & greenery are delivered to our customers. No second grade grocery store flowers!
  • We buy Often
    • We receive flowers from:
      • Niagara Area almost every other day
      • Florida greens 2 – 3 times a week
      • California season 1-2 times a week
      • Orchids from Thailand 2-3 times a week
      • South America twice a week
      • Dutch/Holland 1 to 2 times a week
      • New Zealand, Israel, South Africa as needed based on season

We focus on fresh quality flowers and we can achieve that by having higher frequency of shipments.

 Exceptional Service & Forward Thinking

  • Florist, decorators, designers add value to the Flowers & Greens. What if you want to save value and diy the flowers?
    • There are professionals who hydrate, prepare flowers & greens and create floral masterpieces. They add value, and there is a need for them.  However our customers see the savings by adding their own value and doing it themselves.  An example of this was when all gas stations were full service and the gas attendant would gas the car, wash the windows, check your oil and check the tires.  Someone in the gas station industry realized that by deconstructing the services offered, we could give the customer a choice and only pay for the gas by doing all of those tasks themselves.  The driver had the choice to pay for the gas and fill their own tank vs paying a higher price to have it filled by the attendant.  Self Service vs Full Service; we are
  • We are here to help with your #diyFlowers. If you keep it simple, anyone can present beautiful flowers.  If you need help or have a questions, we are here to help. See what our past customers have said about our service:

Various testimonials about service:

  • Mother Nature can be cruel at times. Heavy rain fall flooding the Columbian hydrangea farms, tsunamis wiping out orchid farms in Thailand, volcanic ash & smoke over Icelandic and European airspace disrupting air cargo shipments. These are examples of uncontrollable events which have affected the supply of our flowers.  When situations out of our control occur we try our very best offer alternatives and substitute when required.  We also provide the option to omit the item/s and adjust the invoice.

We try to hedge our suppliers and are constantly monitoring farm production and transportation supply chain to ensure timely delivery to our site and ultimately to our customers. 

 Great Prices

  • We waste less so we spend less. When we spend less, our costs are lower and that savings for us means savings for you.   We achieve this by the following means.
    • Waste Reduction
      • We re-use (when appropriate) flower boxes to keep waste out of landfills and to keep our costs low.
  • We don’t over buy flowers to hold inventory. The less inventory we hold, less chance of unsold flowers we have to throw out.

Instead – we use a Just In Time ordering approach.  We order all of our flowers from our farms & suppliers in advance based on our customer’s needs.  This prevents us from keeping excessive inventory around in expensive cooled warehouses.  This also allows us to focus on advanced orders and not on selling perishable access inventory.

  • Minimum Expenses
    • We maintain a simple site where we quality control check our flowers, repack (if needed) and dispatch orders for deliveries. We don’t have a retail/walk-in site and focus on on-line retail.  We don’t keep fancy coolers running, or have the need to display our flowers out as we do not have walk-in clients. 
  • Volume buys & cost sharing
    • We have a partnership network whereby we leverage our size and consolidate our purchases and transportation costs. Our ability to buy flowers in larger quantities means we get a better price.  The same is true with shipping.  We share costs of transport with others so ensure the best price possible.