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Where Flowers are our Inspiration

Refund and Returns Policy

Our goal is to provide high quality flowers, at great prices along with excellent customer service.  We understand ‘life happens’, hence we have outlined our return and guarantee policy below.

Order Cancellations:

Order cancellations can occur free of charge with 2 weeks notice prior to delivery or shipment day (whichever comes first).  If you wish to cancel your order within 2 weeks of delivery/shipment date, a 25% fee will be charged.  You cannot cancel your order once the order has been shipped and/or delivered.  If you wish to cancel your order, please send an email to with subject heading “CANCEL ORDER # <your order number>”.  You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hrs and a refund will be processed at that time.

Order Modification:

Orders can be modified (items removed or added) with 2 weeks notice prior to delivery or shipment date.  Any modifications made within 2 weeks of delivery/shipment date, cannot be guaranteed.  Modifications to orders will be subject to any new price point of that item and the full order must meet the minimum order size requirement of $100 (pre-tax & pre-delivery).

To modify your order, please send an email to with subject heading “MODIFY ORDER # <your order number>” and list the modification/s.  You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hrs.


Once your order is delivered, you must open the box/es and proper care instructions must be followed.  You have 24 hrs after delivery to submit a claim for damaged/spoiled flowers. 

Wilted flowers are not eligible for refunds as they can typically come back with proper care or indication that they have not been given a chance to hydrate.  Please see care instructions section for information.  Please be mindful, we experience very few genuine quality issues.  If you follow our suggestions, our flowers will impress you and your guests.

Our suggestions:

  1. Have your flowers delivered a minimum of 2 days prior to event date. The first 12-18 hrs will allow for hydrations, and the remainder will allow for arrangement and time for the blooming process.  Some Flowers may require additional time to bloom.
  2. Proper care instructions followed (LINK TO CARE)


Claim Instructions:

If there is damage to the flowers/greens, and you are not satisfied with your flowers, please call Flowers Direct IMMEDIATELY after opening your boxes at 1.416-909-5134 AND email us at All complaints must be communicated via email and accompanied with digital pictures within 24 hours of receipt of the product or your claim will not be accepted and no refund will be granted. In order to process your claim, we will request digital pictures of damaged/spoiled flowers showing the number of stems affected, along with a brief explanation of what care was taken to minimize loss of damage.

Flower Variations and substitutions:

Flowers are a natural product and therefore can vary in colour, size and shape than pictured.  Sunlight, rain/water, soil condition along with other environmental factors can produce variations.  As a result, please be mindful that although we do source our flowers from farms who produce consistent & quality flowers, there are instances out of our control and these slight variances make flowers unique.  Flowers Direct does not guarantee every stem will be exactly the same & free from imperfections. 

There are instances when substitutions must occur based on unexpected disruptions (shipping, supply, damage goods received etc), we evaluate the item/s requiring substitution and may replace it with an item of similar physical characteristic and approximate price point.  You may receive a call and/or email notifying you of the change.  At that time, you may omit the item from the order whereby a refund of the item will be granted.  If we are unable to reach you and the order is shipped, a refund for the substituted item will not be granted.  If no suitable substitution is available, we will contact you and refund the item/s of concern from your invoice.           

If you do not comply with any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to refuse the return or exchange, or to impose different or additional conditions.